How To Care For Your Jewelry

Taking care of your jewelry is an important step in making sure your necklaces and chains stay in great condition.

LunePrint uses multiple types of metals, including 304 stainless steel and zinc alloys. Stainless steel is used for each chain, and is a water & tarnish proof material. These chain will not wear down over time due to moisture exposure, but can be polished regularly to keep them looking new.

Zinc alloy materials are used when making the hardware aspects of LunePrint jewelry. These metals are not water proof, and can wear down with frequent friction and exposure to sweat, moisture, or perfumes. To avoid the tarnishing of the electroplate coating, be sure to remove jewelry before showering or while doing any activities that might lead to sweating - like exercising. If you plan to wear products like the loop chokers and color heart slip chains daily - we suggest spraying the hardware with a skin friendly acrylic finish. This will help the longevity of the electroplating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Wear The Slip Chains?

Grab the chain and pull it through one of the hardware pieces. Continue to pull the chain until the opening is larger enough to slip over your head.

There are multiple video tutorials on both my tiktok and instagram for visual direction -@luneprintshop

What Materials Are Your Products Made From?

All materials for specific items are listed in the description of that product.

Chains - 304 stainless steel

Hardware (O Rings / Clasps) - Zinc Alloy

Jump Rings - Aluminum

Please note that stainless steel and alloy mixes can have trace amounts of nickel - keep this in mind if you have an allergy.

Are Your Products Hypoallergenic or Waterproof?

My chains are great for those with sensitive skin and also can withstand water exposure and moisture. The hardware pieces are zinc alloy based and can not be constantly exposed to moisture. Please see care instructions above for more info.

Can Your Products Withstand Play?

My jewelry should only be used for accessory purposes. LunePrint is not responsible for broken chains due to excessive pulling or misuse.

My Slip Chain Does Not Fit - What Do I Do?

Please purchase a return extension listing from my shop. There you will find more information about the process of fixing your necklace.

When Will My Necklace Ship?

My processing time is 2 - 3 weeks. Shopify will automatically send a shipment email 3 days after your order - this is not accurate to the actual processing time. Once your order has actually shipped, you will get an email with a tracking number.

How Do I Apply Protective Spray To The Hardware?

Wipe the hardware off with a clean cloth to remove any dirt or finger print. Take your jewelry outside, or to a well vented room, and place the product on a piece of paper. Hold the spray 1 to 2 feet back from the jewelry and lightly spray the hardware only. Spray one side of the hardware and allow 2 hours to dry. Flip the hardware over and repeat the process. This will protect your hardware from tarnishing from skin oils and moisture

How Do I Measure Myself For Slip Chains & Loop Chokers

Slip Chains:

Measure from the back of your head to the tip of your nose. Add 2 inches to that length for wiggle room. If you wear glasses or have large hair, be sure to include them when taking your measurements.

Loop Chokers:

Measure around the base of your neck and multiple by two, and add 2-4 inches. Consider how low you want the loop choker to lay when it is double wrapped. If you want it tighter to the neck, only add 2 inches. If you want it to hang loose, add closer to 4 inches.

Extensions can be added to your order at checkout.