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Rainbow - Green Heart Slip Chain

Rainbow - Green Heart Slip Chain

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Materials -
Chain: 304 stainless steel
Hardware: Zinc alloy
Jump rings: Polished aluminum

The necklace is 22” long and the chain is 10 MM thick.
Please measure around your head to make sure the chain can fit over your entire head

Slip chains can be extended. Please email with the subject 'Extension Request - #(order number)'. Please send the length you need in inches and I will add the note to your order.

The hardware for this slip chain is electroplated! This means it can wear down over time from continuous friction and contact with skin oils. If you plan to wear these daily, please look at our care instructions page for information on coating your jewelry in protective varnishes! 

These necklaces are made for humans only! They are designed as necklaces and should be treated as such. Avoid continuous pulling/tugging to keep the jewelry in the best condition. I do not issue refunds due to broken/damaged jewelry due to buyers' failure to follow care instructions or proper use.

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